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Taiwan Fellowship

Terms of Agreement  


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Terms of Agreement




Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Terms of Agreement for the Taiwan Fellowship Program



1.       I agree to abide by the laws of the Republic of China (ROC) during my stay in Taiwan. If I commit a crime or engage in misconduct, I shall forfeit the Fellowship. (本人在中華民國停留期間,願遵守中華民國之法律。如本人有觸犯法律或行為失當,則本人將喪失受獎資格。)

2.       Alterations to the duration of the Fellowship are to be approved of by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) after application is made to an ROC (Taiwan) embassy or representative office.(任何研究期間變更需經向中華民國駐外管處提出申請,郵外交部核定後始得變更。)

3.       No employment in Taiwan is allowed without the prior approval of the MOFA. However, Fellowship scholars may receive speaker’s fees and teach for pay up to a maximum 4 hours per week. (非經外交部同意不得兼任他職,但可發表演說並領取演講費。惟針對兼課性質之授課,可領取上課鐘點費,但最多每星期不得超過4小時。)

4.      The actual length (in months) of the Fellowship grant will be determined considering the period approved for research, and shall include the dates of arrival in and departure from Taiwan. For each full month in Taiwan (30 days), participants will receive one month’s grant. Travel out of Taiwan during the fellowship shall be limited to short trips, and a leave application form shall be submitted prior to departure with the National Central Library. Travel out of Taiwan for more than 14 days will result in the suspension of the grant for one month. (受獎學人獎助金發放月數以申請之研究期間核定為原則,並以實際抵離臺灣時間為準,每在臺研究滿一個月(30天),發放一個月之研究補助費。在臺研究期間如需離開臺灣,以短期為限,並應填寫短期離臺申請書。惟離臺時間超過14天者,停發一個月研究補助費。)

5.      I shall be responsible for all expenses that exceed the Fellowship grant.(所有超出獎助金額度之費用,一概由本人負擔。)

6.      I understand that the Taiwan Fellowship Program strongly recommends that I obtain health insurance in my home country which will cover my health/medical needs in Taiwan, and the Taiwan Fellowship is not responsible for providing support for my spouses/partners, children, or other accompanying dependents.(本人瞭解臺灣獎助金建議務必於來臺前於本國購買足以支付本人一切在臺之醫療需求之保險,並且本人之配偶、伴侶或孩童皆由本人自行承擔之。)

7.      Within 3 months of the completion of the program, I shall submit an article or report stemming from my research to the ROC Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (在臺研究完成三個月內,本人將提出研究成果報告予中華民國外交部。)

8.      Any report, either written or oral, produced from the research conducted during the length of the Fellowship shall refer to the support provided by the Taiwan Fellowship program. (本計畫之報告,不論是口頭或書面,皆應適當提及「臺灣獎助金」所給予之贊助與支持。)




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