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Taiwan Centers for Disease Control

Center for Chinese Stuidies

Taiwan Tourism Bureau

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The application deadline is 2022/06/30 based on Taiwan time(TST).
The Taiwan Fellowship has full respect of your privacy. We will never sell, rent, or give away any of your personal information for commercial purposes. The information contained in your account helps us review your eligibility for the fellowship. We will use your email address to send you information concerning your application.

Please fill out the following information according to your passport(*required, *After filling in, you can save and log out first).
Please fill out the application in English or Chinese.

E-Mail:(User ID)* *
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※The password should be a combination of alphanumeric characters. The length should be between 6-12 characters.
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※Please refer to your passport English name.
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Find local consular district of ROC embassies and missions
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Resume (including a publication list):*
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Domain of Research:*
Title of Research Plan:*
Research Proposal Attachment:*
Research Field:*    
Desired Tenure:* From 2023 / to / Applying Duration: 3 months at minimum, 12 months at maximum.
Present institution:*
Relationship with applicant:*
Letters of Recommendation:
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Present institution:*
Relationship with applicant:*
Letters of Recommendation:
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Present institution:
Relationship with applicant:
Letters of Recommendation:
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Statement of Consent* *

I consent to the information provided in this application form being made available to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its subordinate ag-encies, and the National Central Library of the Republic of China (Taiwan), for evaluation and other Fellowship-related matters: Regarding the said information, I understand that I retain the right to request the following:
1. A review thereof,
2. Duplications thereof,
3. Supplements or corrections thereof,
4. Discontinuation of the collection, processing or use thereof, and
5. Deletion thereof.
I also understand that any false or untrue information provided will result in disqualification from the Fellowship.

Verification code:* * 6785

Please must do!
By submitting, you will receive a confirmation email with your application form. Please print out a copy of your application form and send it to your R.O.C (Taiwan) Embassy or Representative Office along with official copies of all your application documents by July 1st (valid date by postmark) to complete application process.



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