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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan)

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Gershaneck, Kerry Kent

國籍 Nationality:美國 United States of America Gershaneck Kerry Kent Photo
申請年度 Year:2020
研究機構 Institute and Position:Thammasat University (Faculty of Law, CPG)
Royal Thai Naval Academy, Bangkok Thailand
職稱 Title:Professor
研究主題 Topic of Research Plan:Media Warfare: Combating China’s Sharp Power in Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific Region
網頁 Web Site:
著作目錄 Article Catalog:
  • Media Warfare: How Taiwan Can Win the Battle for the Cognitive Domain
  • Abstract: The People’s Republic of China (PRC)’s Media Warfare against the Republic of China (Taiwan) poses an existential threat to this island-nation. Also called Public Opinion Warfare, Media Warfare involves using public opinion as a weapon by propagandizing and coercion through various forms of media to weaken the adversary’s will to fight while ensuring strength of will and unity on one’s own side. Beijing’s ultimate goal is to absorb Taiwan into communist China. To achieve this goal, its primary objectives are to destroy Taiwan’s democracy and to deter any attempt by Taiwan to formally seek what Beijing calls “independence”. To these ends, the PRC employs Media Warfare to divide and demoralize the people of Taiwan in conjunction with other strategies such as military threats, diplomatic containment, and economic absorption. This paper is designed to help the government of Taiwan (ROC) to better understand how to identify and combat PRC Media Warfare so that it can retain its hard-won democracy, sovereignty, and freedoms. (This article is an excerpt from the original report.)
  • Prospect & Exploration Magazine
  • Volume 19, Issue 1. January 2021 /
  • Ministry of Justice Investigative Bureau, Taiwan (ROC)
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