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Taiwan Fellowship

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Application Procedure

To know the process of Taiwan fellowship grant and its regulations

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(1) Application Procedure for the Taiwan Fellowship, Read the Guidelines to the Taiwan Fellowship.

(2) Prepare the application documents
1.Resume(including a publication list)
2.Research proposal
3.Two letters of recommendation or one letter of recommendation and one letter of agreement from the highest administrative director of your institution

(3) Online Applicaiton
Fill in the applicaiton and upload the above application documents

(4) Applicants should print their complete applicaiton form and send all application documents to an R.O.C(Taiwan) Embassy or Representative Office by post.

(5) The committee will select the candidates basedon the comments from R.O.C (Taiwan) Embassy or Representative Office, and the candidates will be informed by email.

(6) The candidates should contact ROC universities or research institutions and obtain the letter of consent for them to do research in Taiwan

(7) The candidates should send the letter of consent to Taiwan Fellowship team (Eamil;; by December 31st, and check the Terms of Agreement for the Taiwan Fellowship.

(8) The candidates will obtain the "Grant Authorization Letter" from Taiwan Fellowship team and officially be recognized as the recipients, which will be announced in the News on our website.

(9) The recipients should apple the "FR" visa with "Grant Authorization Letter" and begin their research in Taiwan (Information for recipient)

(10) The recipients begin their research in Taiwan (Information for Recipients)



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