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Center for Chinese Stuidies

Information for Foreigners in Taiwan

National Immigration Agency, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

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Arrival Time

If I need to travel overseas during my research tenure or have difficulty staying in Taiwan for a long period of time, can I still apply for the Taiwan Fellowship?

Point 4.B.3 of the guidelines states that the total period during your stay in Taiwan carrying out research is minimum 3 months to maximum 1 year. Travels outside of Taiwan during the Fellowship are limited to short term travels, and a short term leave application form must be filled out beforehand at the Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) at the National Central Library. (Address: 20 Chungshan S. Road. Taipei, Taiwan 10001, R.O.C.) Please note that if you travel outside of Taiwan for more than 14 days, then we will not subsidize your monthly grant for that month.



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