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Taiwan Fellowship

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Taiwan Fellowship

Taiwan Panorama Magazine

National Immigration Agency, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

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When can I receive my grant after I arrive in Taiwan? How can I receive my grant?

After arriving in Taiwan, please register at the Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) at the National Central Library. (Address: 20 Chungshan S. Road. Taipei, Taiwan 10001, R.O.C.) The CCS will provide information for you to help open a bank or post office account. After opening a bank or post office account, please take your account booklet to the CCS and sign the receipts for the first month of grant and air ticket reimbursement to finish all the registration procedure. The actual number of months of grant will be based on your applied research period, and worked out from your actual arrival and departure dates to and from Taiwan. For each full month in Taiwan (30 days) you will receive one month’s grant. During your applied research period, you will receive your grant at the beginning of each month (approximately 5th-8th) in your account. When you register at the CCS for the first time and finish all the registration procedure, you will receive your first month of grant and air ticket reimbursement in your account after approximately 7 working days.



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