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Taiwan Fellowship


Taiwan Fellowship

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*  Presentations of MOFA Taiwan Fellowship Scholars (2018 First Term)


Presentations of MOFA Taiwan Fellowship Scholars

Time: Wednesday, 21 March, 2018

Venue: Briefing Room 129, National Central Library Taipei

12:00-12:30 報到 Registration

12:30-12:40 主席致詞:外交部研究設計會譚副主任國定
Opening Remarks: Mr. Kuo-Ting Tan, Deputy Director General, Department of
Policy Planning, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

12:40-12:50 講題:科技在臺灣社經發展所扮演之角色及對全球市場之影響
Topic: The Role of Technology in Social and Economic Development of Taiwan and Its Impact on Global Market
主講人:多明尼加伊比利亞美洲大學教授Jessica Claribel Ramirez Vidal女士
Speaker: Ms. Jessica Claribel Ramirez Vidal, Professor, Universidad Iberoamericana, Dominican Republic

12:50-13:00 講題:臺灣的軟實力發展及對臺印尼關係之影響
Topic: The Development of Taiwan’s Soft Power and Its Impacts on Taiwan-Indonesia Relations
主講人:印尼任抹大學副教授Abubakar Eby Hara博士
Speaker: Dr. Abubakar Eby Hara, Associate Professor, University of Jember, Indonesia

13:00-13:10 講題:網際網路與機器人技術在東亞安全事務中之擴大運用及對區域安全之意涵
Topic: The Rise and Increasing Use of Cyber and Robotic Technology in East-Asian Security Affairs, Its Implications for Regional Security
主講人:柏林自由大學博士候選人Tobias Burgers先生
Speaker: Mr. Tobias Burgers, PhD candidate, Free University Berlin, Germany

13:10-13:20 講題:臺印度關係之概況
Topic: Taiwan-India Relations: An Overview
主講人:印度清奈中國研究中心助理研究員Sumit Kumar博士
Speaker: Dr. Sumit Kumar, Research Fellow, Chennai Centre for China Studies, India

13:20-13:50 討論
Q & A

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