National Central Library takes measures in respond to the COVID-19


As the spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) becomes increasingly severe, the National Central Library (NCL) will enhance its epidemic prevention measures. Comprehensive body temperature measurements and disinfection with alcohol will be mandatory from March 10th.

The entrance (B1) and entrance (1F) of the Art & Culture Center will be closed except for the main entrance of the library, entrance of the reading room (B1) and entrance of the parking lot (B2).

Please note as follows:
1) The main entrance of the library: The entrance is for patrons who look for information, go to the Center for Chinese Studies, the conference venues, the Scholastic Store, or the Psalms Café.
2) The Reading Room (B1) : Patrons are asked to test their body temperature when entering. The original newspaper area at the Art & Culture Center (B1) has been moved to the dining area (the room next to 7-Eleven convenience store) temporarily.
3) The parking lot (B2) : Patrons who enter into the parking lot are asked to test their body temperature as well. Those with normal body temperature will be given a sticker of the day (a different color each day) as a health identification

因應嚴重特殊傳染性肺炎(武漢肺炎) 全面量測體溫防疫措施,圖書館出入口動線調整公告


1、圖書館正門:查閱資料及前往藝文中心會議場地、The Scholastic Store書店、Psalms Cafe詩篇咖啡餐廳等,請由此處出入。