NCL 2022 On-line Lunar New Year Reception for Visiting Scholars


On February 14th, 2022, Eve of Lantern Festival, National Central Library held on-line Lunar New Year reception for visiting scholars. More than 30 scholars interacted and paid one another a courtesy call during Lunar New Year period by using videoconferencing to experience Lunar New Year reunion!

Director-General of National Central Library, Dr. Shu-hsien Tseng, gave the opening address at this reception to warmly welcome scholars come to Taiwan, wish them a Happy Lunar New Year and to prosper with fury like a tiger so that everyone will be successful in life, work and research in the year of Tiger!

2022 on-line reception was held by Chinese Center for Studies for the first time, therefor, as the host, we prepared “Lucky Words for the Year of Tiger” in both Taiwanese and English to wish everybody lots of luck and presented our sincerity with tiger-shaped props. In return, scholar from Japan sang a song, “Gōngxǐ Fācái”, in Mandarin; scholar from Philippine read and introduced a Spanish pome to us! Another two marvelous scholars came after to share their personal extraordinary experience in Taiwan’s daily life while they’ve been living here for more than two years.
The Taiwanese song “Liúlàng dào Dànshuǐ”, is also called “Odyssey”, was led by CCS to teach visiting scholars the chorus part to show how much we cherish every opportunity when we get together!