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*  2014 Taiwan Fellowship Candidates

2014 Taiwan Fellowship Candidates

Total 101 candidates from 39 countries.
In alphabetical order by country.

1. Nacht Pablo: Male, doctoral candidate at Research Institute for Social and Economic History of the Faculty of Economics (IIHES), University of Buenos Aires. Research topic: Two Dragons in Argentina: The Relations between Taiwan, Argentina and China in World Order During 1991-2010. Research period: 3 months.

2. Amalya Babayan: Female, associate professor at Yerevan State University. Research topic: Comparative Study of Taiwanese and Armenian Cultural Values through English. Research period: 6 months.

3. Marcus Bussey: Male, associate professor at University of the Sunshine Coast. Research topic: Engineering for the Futures of Taiwan. Research period: 11 months.

4. Edmund Fung (馮兆基): Male, professor at University of Western Sydney. Research topic: Mission Impossible? Ambassador Hu Shih in Washington, 1938-1942. Research period: 3 months.

5. Mark Harrison : Male, senior lecturer at University of Tasmania. Research topic: The Anti-Media Monopoly Movement in Taiwan - Social Media, Generational Change and Globalisation in Taiwanese Political Life. Research period: 3 months.

6. David Roger Irvine : Male, doctoral candidate at Centre for Asian Studies, University of Adelaide, South Australia. Research topic: Nationalists or Internationalists?: How China's International Relations Experts See the World. Research period: 12 months.

7. Michael Guoqing Liu (劉國慶) : Male, assistant professor at University of Canberra. Research topic: 1. A Comparative Study of Trust Laws in Mainland China and in Taiwan 2. Historical Land Tenure Systems in Mainland China and in Taiwan. Research period: 7 months.

8. Scott Pacey (龐思考): Male, post-doctoral researcher at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Research topic: Buddhist-Christian Dialogue and the Development of Religious Studies as an Academic Discipline in Taiwan. Research period: 12 months.

9. Philippa Ann Riley: Female, doctoral candidate at University of Melbourne. Research topic: Space of the Nation, Soft Power and Cultural Policy in Contemporary Taiwan: A Case Study of Taipei Station as the National Gateway. Research period: 3 months.

10. Lin Goethals: Female, researcher at European Institute for Asian Studies EIAS. Research topic: The Role of People to People Dialogue and Exchange in EU-China Relations, EU-ROC Affairs and Cross-strait Relations. Research period: 5 months.

11. Wilson Almeida: Male, professor at Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil. Research topic: Relations between Brazil and ROC-Taiwan: Cooperation on Small High-tech Companies. Research period: 12 months.

12. Maya Keliyan: Female, professor at Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Research topic: Middle Classes Lifestyle in Comparative Perspective: Taiwan, China, Japan and Bulgaria. Research period: 12 months.

13. Winnie King (金婉玲): Female, assistant professor at University of Bristol. Research topic: Placing Greater Chinese Institutionalization in the East Asian Regionalization Processes: Taiwan’s Strategic Position. Research period: 4 months.

14. Marc Lanteigne (蘭馬克): Male, senior lecturer at Victoria University of Wellington. Research topic: Pacific Islands Economic Assistance as Soft Power: The Comparative Case of Taiwan. Research period: 3 months.

15. Julia Eugenia Martinez: Female, senior lecturer at Catholic University of Santiago, Chile. Research topic: Audio-Visual Communications: How to Innovate and Develop New Audio-visual Multiplatform Contents Learning. Research period: 3 months.

16. Pio Garcia: Male, professor at Universidad Externado de Colombia. Research topic: Towards A Human Globalization. Alternative Ways from Confucianism. Research period: 6 months.

Czech Republic
17. Michal Thim (廷米賀): Male, doctoral candidate at University of Nottingham. Research topic: "Hard ROC" Defence Strategy: Case Study on Asymmetry in Defence Planning. Research period: 12 months.

18. Santiago Orbe: Male, professor at International University of Ecuador. Research topic: Cooperation: Asia and the Pacific Territories. Research period: 6 months.

19. Hossam Younes Abd Al Aziz Younes: Male, senior researcher at Ministry of Industry & Foreign Trade, Egypt. Research topic: An Analysis of Bilateral Trade between Egypt and East Asian Countries. Research period: 3 months.

20. Myriam Boulin (米蓮): Female, doctoral student at Universite Paris 7 Denis Diderot. Research topic: Temporal Location and Time Deixis in Taiwanese Mandarin: A Corpus-based Study of Some Temporal and Aspectual Markers. Research period: 8 months.

21. Jérôme Soldani (吳傑弘): Male, post-doctoral researcher at University of Ottawa. Research topic: An Ethnography of Taiwanese Sports Space. Research period: 12 months.

22. Song, Gang (宋剛): Male, doctoral candidate at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS). Research topic: 相與的生命政治-《莊子》中的人際關聯問題研究. Research period: 12 months.

23. Cai, Jiehua (蔡潔華): Female, assistant professor at Institute of Sinology, LMU Munich. Research topic: A Study of Mazu's Miracle Records in Modern Taipei. Research period: 3 months.

24. Stefan Fleischauer (史振帆): Male, post-doctoral researcher at European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT), Eberhard Karls University Tuebingen. Research topic: Cross-Strait Exchange and the European Experience: Towards a New Framework of Theorizing cross-Strait Integration. Research period: 9 months.

25. Martin Hofmann: Male, assistant professor at University of Heidelberg. Research topic: When Words are Not Enough: Maps, Texts, and the Spatial Order of the Chinese Realm. Research period: 6 months.

26. Frédéric Krumbein (孔鵬飛): Male, associate researcher at German Institute for International and Security Affairs. Research topic: Harmony and Democracy. Research period: 12 months.

27. Wolfgang Pape: Male, associate researcher at Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). Research topic: Free Trade Agreements with the EU and within East Asia. Research period: 4 months.

28. Ioulia Giannakopoulou: Female, professor at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Research topic: The Environmental Impact on the Cultural Development of Prehistoric Insular Communities: A Comparative Study of Greece and Taiwan. Research period: 5 months.

29. Andres Marroquin: Male, professor at Francisco Marroquin University. Research topic: Identifying the Main Constrains to Improve Health Systems in Taiwan and the Ways in which the Taiwanese Experience can Help Health Systems in Developing Countries. Research period: 3 months.

30. Timea Budai: Female, post-doctoral researcher at Francisco Marroquin University. Research topic: The Role of Organization Development in Improving Competitiveness at Taiwan's Companies. Research period: 7 months.

31. László Kakai: Male, associate professor at University of Pecs, Hungary. Research topic: Civil society and NGOs in Taiwan and Hungary. Research period: 3 months.

32. Tamas Matura (馬都亞): Male, researcher at Hungarian Institute of International Affairs. Research topic: The Pivot to the Asia-Pacific and its Implications to the World. Research period: 10 months.

33. Janos Vandor: Male, professor at Hungarian Institute of International Affairs. Research topic: In Search of (National) Identity in the 21st Century. Research period: 3 months.

34. Prashant Kumar Singh (辛柏山): Male, associate researcher at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), New Delhi. Research topic: Exploring the Potential for Cultural Diplomacy between India and Taiwan. Research period: 12 months.

35. Muhammad Anshari: Male, doctoral candidate at Universiti Brunei Darussalam. Research topic: Consumers' Empowerment in E-health Systems: Taiwan Case Study. Research period: 12 months.

36. Ahmad Safril Mubah: Male, assistant professor at Airlangga University. Research topic: Government and Non-Governmental Organizations Collaboration in Disaster Management: The Taiwan-Indonesia Comparison. Research period: 12 months.

37. Salvatore Casabona: Male, associate professor at University of Palermo. Research topic: The Online Gambling Regulatory Strategies in the Globalized World: A Fruitful Comparison between Taiwanese and European Approach. Research period: 3 months.

38. Lara Momesso (江麗): Female, doctoral candidate at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) (London) - ERCCT (Tubingen). Research topic: Beyond Taiwan: The Lived Experiences of Chinese Spouses Married to Taiwanese Citizens. Research period: 9 months.

39. Maria Costanza Torri: Female, assistant professor at University of New Brunswick. Research topic: Alternative Therapeutic Practices and Reproductive Health in Taiwan: A Study of the Uses and the Socia-cultural Perceptions of Traditional Chinese Medicine among Women in Taipei. Research period: 5 months.

40. Ito, Tsuyoshi (伊藤 剛): Male, professor at Meiji University. Research topic: A Chance for Multilateral Commitment to Maritime Security Issues in the East and the South China Seas. Research period: 5 months.

41. Mino, Kazue (三野和惠): Female, doctoral student at Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University. Research topic: A British Missionary's Mission Experience and Taiwanese Christians' Theological Thought in Colonial Taiwan 1895-1945. Research period: 6 months.

42. Mizuno, Norihito (水野智仁): Male, associate professor at Global Studies Program, Akita International University. Research topic: The Education for Taiwanese Children in China during the Period of Japanese Rule. Research period: 4 months.

43. Nakada, Toshio (中田敏夫): Male, professor at Aichi University of Education. Research topic: 通過臺灣總督府編纂國語教科書來進行事業教育和近代化的研究. Research period: 3 months.

44. Oiwa, Mayumi: Female, doctoral student at University of Hawaii at Manoa. Research topic: Complex Predicates in The Endangered Truku Language. Research period: 5 months.

45. Tamaki, Mitsuko (玉置充子): Female, researcher at Center for Overseas Chinese Studies, Takushoku University. Research topic: “臺北州檔案”研究──以宗教行政與民眾宗教實情為基礎探討日治時期地方行政與基層社會諸相. Research period: 12 months.

46. Tsuruzono, Yuki (鶴園裕基): Male, doctoral student at Graduate School of Political Science, Waseda University. Research topic: Contested Nationality: Formation of Postwar ROC's Diplomatic Policies toward the Overseas Chinese 1952-1972. Research period: 11 months.

47. Choi, Dae Seok (崔大錫): Male, professor at Ewha Womans University. Research topic: The Recent Developments of Cross-strait Relations and its Influence on Policy Implications of the Korean Peninsula Trust- Building Process. Research period: 3 months.

48. Keum, Hieyeon (琴喜淵): Male, professor at Department of International Relations, University of Seoul. Research topic: Coopertion and Conflics in the Taiwan Strait: Implications for the Korean Peninsula. Research period: 3 months.

49. Kim, Hyun Jung (金賢貞): Female, doctoral student at University of Tokyo. Research topic: The Development and Role of the Imperial Maritime Customs in Late Qing China. Research period: 12 months.

50. Kim, Jong Ha (金鍾夏): Male, associate professor at Hannam University. Research topic: Addressing How Taiwan can Develop Its High-Tech Defense Industrial Capabilities: Focusing on the Redesigning the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) . Research period: 12 months.

51. Kwon, EunSil (權恩實): Female, doctoral student at Department of Chinese Language & Literature at Yonsei University. Research topic: 表示因果關係的“於是.” Research period: 12 months.

52. Lee, Dong Seong (李東星): Male, doctoral candidate at University of California, San Diego. Research topic: Making Sense of Presidential Cabinet Formation in Asian New Democracies. Research period: 3 months.

53. Lee, Nae-Young (李來榮): Male, professor at Asiatic Research Institute, Korea University. Research topic: Comparative Study of Identity Politics between Taiwan and South Korea. Research period: 6 months.

54. Lee, YoonKyong (李倫京): Female, doctoral candidate at Asia Research Institute, Korea University. Research topic: Changing Co-ethnics and Transnationalism in Contemporary Asia: Comparative Analysis of Migrant Groups in Taiwan. Research period: 6 months.

55. Moon, Kyungyun (文敬淵): Female, doctoral candidate at Seoul National University. Research topic: From “Slovenly Mainlanders” to Modern Citizens of Taiwan: A Case Study of Activism by Marriage Migrant Women from Mainland China. Research period: 12 months.

56. Shim, Jaemin: Male, doctoral candidate at University of Oxford. Research topic: The Expansion of Welfare State in Northeast Asia in Relation to Power Structures: An Analysis of Welfare Legislation Patterns in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Research period: 4 months.

57. Zhao, Dongmei (趙冬梅): Female, professor at Chinese Studies, Korea University. Research topic: 談明清小說中的熟語使用. Research period: 6 months.

58. Aurelija Ulbinaitė: Female, assistant professor at Vilnius University. Research topic: Evaluation of the Insurance Service Purchase and Consumption Rationale in Taiwan. Research period: 5 months.

59. Chong, Fah Hing (莊華興): Male, assistant professor at Universiti Putra Malaysia. Research topic: 從帝國到冷戰與內戰:中國文人在臺、港、新馬的離散與家國敘事. Research period: 3 months.

60. Lee, Mah Ngee (呂瑪莉): Female, assistant professor at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar Campus, Malaysia. Research topic: Youth's Perspective of Engagement in Meaningful Activities and Happiness: A Comparative Study between Taiwan and Malaysia's Chinese Undergraduates. Research period: 5 months.

61. Tan, Wooi Yee (陳韋亦): Female, doctoral candidate at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. Research topic: China's Energy Security Strategy in Southeast Asia. Research period: 12 months.

62. Armando Azua: Male, professor at Universidad Iberoamericana. Research topic: Asian-Pacific Region Place in Mexican Foreing Policy. Taiwan as a Strategic Partner. Research period: 4 months.

63. Cristina Barron: Female, professor at Universidad Iberoamericana. Research topic: The Hispanic Presence in Taiwan. Research period: 4 months.

64. Jose Carrillo: Male, professor at Universidad del Valle de Mexico. Research topic: Public Policies for External Action of the Subnational Government in Mexico, on Migration and Science and Technology. 1992-2012. Case Taiwan. Research period: 11 months.

New Zealand
65. Adam Yung Lam (林勇): Male, associate professor at University of Canterbury, New Zealand. Research topic: Cultural Tourism, or Recreation on the Sites of Filmic Recreation of History. Research period: 6 months.

66. Abiodun Adeniji: Male, assistant professor at University of Lagos, Nigeria. Research topic: Mythological Convergences in the Prose Fiction of Nigeria and Taiwan. Research period: 12 months.

67. Lisa Susana Rojas Benitez: Female, professor at Universidad Americana. Research topic: Taiwan's Economic Development. Research period: 12 months.

68. Michał Cygar: Male, doctoral student at Institute of Political Science University of Zielona Gora. Research topic: The Decline of Dictatorships: The Democratization Process in Poland and the Republic of China. Research period: 10 months.

69. Rafal Felbur (費若愚): Male, doctoral candidate at Department of Religious Studies, Stanford University. Research topic: Anxiety of Emptiness: Sengrui 僧叡 and the Problem of Personal Identity in Early Chinese Buddhism. Research period: 12 months.

70. Marcin Gornikiewicz: Male, post-doctoral researcher at National Security Institute of Stanislaw Staszic College of Public Administration. Research topic: Soft power as a Part of Chinese Psychological Operations. Research period: 4 months.

71. Artur Koscianski (葛亞瑟): Male, assistant professor at Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences. Research topic: Responsible Innovations and Cohesion ChallengesState-Society Relations and Combating of Social Problems. Polish and Taiwanese Cases. Research period: 3 months.

72. Krzysztof Kozłowski: Male, associate professor at Warsaw School of Economics. Research topic: Possible Trajectories of Development of Taiwan – PRC Political Relations in Context of Republic of China 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections. Research period: 4 months.

73. Tomasz Smura: Male, doctoral candidate at University of Warsaw. Research topic: 1. The Emergence of the Balance of Power System in East Asia 2. The Meaning of the Republic of China in the US Security and Defense Policy. Research period: 10 months.

74. Ewelina Wiszczun: Female, post-doctoral researcher at University Of Silesia. Research topic: Analysis of Factors Affecting the Development of the Global Labor Market. Example of Taiwan. Research period: 3 months.

75. Adina Zemanek (謝蘊迪): Female, assistant professor at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Institute of Middle and Far Eastern Studies. Research topic: Taiwanese Women as Depicted in Contemporary Popular Culture: Singlehood, Globalization, and National Identity. Research period: 9 months.

76. Nuno Santiago de Magalhaes: Male, doctoral candidate at University of Cambridge. Research topic: Taiwan and Regional Integration in East Asia. Research period: 6 months.

77. Ksenia Kozha (謝尼婭): Female, researcher at Institute of Oriental Studies (Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow). Research topic: Chinese Versus Global English Impact: Justice & Prejudice (On the Basis of Taiwan as a Part of the Chinese-speaking Society) . Research period: 5 months.

78. Mashkina Olga: Female, associate professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Research topic: The University as a Center of Regional and Global Influence (On the Example of the Leading Universities of Russia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong). Research period: 4 months.

79. Richard Turcsanyi (杜瑞奇): Male, researcher at Institute of Asian Studies, Bratislava, Slovakia. Research topic: What Power Politics? The Nature of Power Relations in the East Asia and the Position of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Research period: 5 months.

80. Tea Sernelj: Female, doctoral student at Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. Research topic: Xu Fuguan's Concept of Anxiety (憂患意識) and Its Implications in the Field of Intercultural and Social Studies. Research period: 3 months.

81. Salvador Marco: Male, doctoral candidate at Universitat Politecnica de Valencia. Research topic: The Art of Taiwan's Aboriginal Cultures. Origin and Current Status. Research period: 8 months.

82. Mario Martin Gijon: Male, associate professor at University of Extremadura, Spain. Research topic: Theatre as Intercultural Mediation between Orient and Occident. Manuel Bayo's Work in Taipei. Research period: 4 months.

83. Alejandro Penataro Sanchez (彭艾龍): Male, post-doctoral researcher at Horst Görtz Institute for Chinese Life Sciences at the Medical University Charite, Berlin. Research topic: Recovery of the Past: Traditional Distillation Technology, Medical Distillates and Tinctures in Taiwan. Research period: 9 months.

84. Prapai Jantrasakul: Female, assistant professor at King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok. Research topic: Masculinity-femininity in Taiwan's EFL Education. Research period: 11 months.

85. Elif Eren Kasim: Female, doctoral candidate at Abant Izzet Baysal University. Research topic: Taiwan-Cyprus-Kosovo Cases: Differences and Similarities Political and International Law Dimensions. Research period: 3 months.

86. Kamer Kasim: Male, professor at Abant Izzet Baysal University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Research topic: Turkey-Taiwan Relations in the "New World Order." . Research period: 3 months.

United Kingdom
87. Dafydd Fell: Male, professor at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Research topic: Patterns of Party Switching in Multi-party Taiwan. Research period: 3 months.

88. Leung, Wing-Fai (梁穎暉): Female, assistant professor at University College Cork, Ireland. Research topic: Virtual Work: Digital Labour in the People's Republic of China and Taiwan. Research period: 3 months.

89. Poppy Toland (陶麗萍): Female, doctoral candidate at Bangor University. Research topic: That Summer, the Calmest Sea《那年的夏天,最寧靜的海》Translating the Work of Hao Yuxiang within Its Context. Research period: 4 months.

United States
90. Olga Adams: Female, associate professor at Moscow State University. Research topic: 防治政治和經濟瀆職:臺灣獨特的經驗 Combating Political and Economic Malfeasance: Republic of China's Unique Experience. Research period: 12 months.

91. Paul Barclay: Male, associate professor at Lafayette College, US. Research topic: Empires of Ephemera in Modern East Asia: Visual Propaganda, Race-Making and Japanese Colonialism in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, 1895-1945. Research period: 6 months.

92. Lisa Bratton: Female, assistant professor at Tuskegee University, US. Research topic: The Taiwanese Struggle for Independence through the Lens of the Black Experience in the United States and South Africa. Research period: 4 months.

93. Dean Chen: Male, assistant professor at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Research topic: The Changing Interpretations of "One China" and Cross-Strait Relations. Research period: 4 months.

94. David Cohen (高德): Male, assistant professor at International Center for East Asian Archaeology and Cultural History (ICEAACH), Boston University. Research topic: Taiwan-South China Interactions in Prehistory and the Austronesian Dispersal into the Asia-Pacific Region: An Archaeological Examination of Current Issues. Research period: 12 months.

95. Joyce Gelb: Female, professor at City University of New York (CUNY), New York. Research topic: Analysis of the Role of Women's Representation in the Cabinet, or Executive Yuan. Research period: 3 months.

96. He, Lerong (何樂融): Female, associate professor at State University of New York at Brockport. Research topic: The Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor System and Stock Market Liberalization: Taiwan Experience for China. Research period: 4 months.

97. Hsu, Pi-ching (徐碧卿): Female, professor at San Francisco State University. Research topic: 1. Translation of Feng Menglong's Treasury of Laughs 2. History and Historical Memory of Koxinga and His Families. Research period: 6 months.

98. Julian Ku (古舉倫): Male, professor at Maurice A. Deane School of Law, Hofstra University. Research topic: The Status of International Law in the Domestic Law of the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China. Research period: 4 months.

99. Chakraborti-Ghosh Sumita: Female, professor at Tennessee State University. Research topic: Globalizing US and Taiwan Teacher Education Systems: A Study of Professional Development for Mandarin Teachers at Tamkang University, Taiwan, and at Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN.

100. David C. Wright (賴大衛): Male, associate professor at University of Calgary. Research topic: Witnessing Taiwan Under Three Flags: The Life and Times of James Wheeler Davidson in Taiwan and East Asia, 1895-1906. Research period: 3 months.

101. Nguyen Manh Hung: Male, researcher at Institute of World Economics and Politics. Research topic: Taiwan's South China Sea Policy: Dilemma Revisited and Implication for Vietnam. Research period: 5 months.

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