【2015 Taiwan Fellowship Candidates】


Total 104 candidates from 32 countries.
In alphabetical order by country.


1. Corey Bell(鍾可力): Male, Ph.D. candidate at University of Melbourne, Australia. Research topic: Descending from The Sea-Clouds: The Humanist Buddhist Poetics of Tianran Hanshi (1608-1685) and Its Relationship to Buddhism in Modern Taiwan. Research period: 6 months.

2. David Williams: Male, Ph.D. candidate at University of South Australia. Research topic: A Comparative Analysis of Hegemonic and Heterogeneous Discourses in English-Based Media (Newstexts) in the Asia-Pacific Region Regarding Taiwan's Participation in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Research period: 12 months.


3. Koenraad Wellens(楊魁明), Male, associate professor at Institute of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo, Norway. Research topic: Indigenous Religions in Asian Modernities: The Revival of Ethnic Minority Ritual Practice in Taiwan and Mainland China. Research period: 5 months


4. Leandro, Bernardes Borges, Male, professor at Pontificia Universidade Catolica de Goias, Brazil. Research topic: Foreign Trade Policy and Development: Experiences from Brazil and Taiwan after the 1980s. Research period: 3 months


5. Nathalie Boucher, female, post-doctoral research at University of Ottawa, Canada. Research topic: The Social Life of Water: Socialization and Culture within Aquatic Public Spaces in Cities of the Pacific Rim. Research period: 3 months

6. Christopher Rea(雷勤風), male, associate professor at University of British Columbia, Canada. Research topic: The Chinese Cheat: A Cultural History of a Commonplace. Research period: 6 months


7. Marcos Jaramillo, male, assistant professor at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Research topic: Finding A Legal Bridge between East and West. Research period: 4 months

8. Valentin Palome, male, professor at Universidad Central de Chile. Research topic: Higher Education and Economic Development in the Republic of China (Taiwan). Research period: 3 months


9. Katja Kahlina, female, visiting lecturer at Central European University, Hungary. Research topic: Tracing The Global Flows:
Changing Gender Norms and Religious Discourses in Croatia and Taiwan.
Research period: 10 months.

10. Mette Halskov, Hansen(賀美德), female, professor at University of Oslo, Norway. Research topic: Airborne: Pollution, Climate Change, and Visions of Sustainability in East Asia. Research period: 5 months.


11. Barthelemy Courmont, male, associate research fellow at Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques, IRIS, France. Research topic: Post-ECFA Cross-Strait Relation:
Economic, Diplomatic and Societal Implications for the ROC. Research period: 12 months.

12. Yannick Le Moullec, male, associate professor at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian. Research topic: Personalized Healthcare: Cooperation Opportunities between Taiwan and Europe. Research period: 7 months.

13. Emmanuel Lincot, male, assistant professor at Catholic University of Paris, France. Research topic: Socio-Cultural Evolution of Taiwan Through Its Arts. Towards A Cultural Exception? Research period: 3 months.

14. Yves Russell(晨光), male, Ph.D. candidate at School of Advanced Studies of Social Sciences - EHESS (Paris, France). Research topic: History Textbooks in People's Republic of China: Designing the Nation, Conceiving the World. Research period: 12 months.

15. Nicolas David Zorzin, male, associate research fellow at Universite de Montreal, Canada. Research topic: An Anthropological Study of the Taiwanese Archaeological Profession and of Cultural Heritage Management from 1949 until Today. Research period: 11 months.


16. Peter Casny, male, post-doctoral research at University of Vienna, Austria. Research topic: The Impact of Consumer's Decision on Political Energy Consumption: Urbanization and Sustainability in Taiwan's Capital Taipei. Research period: 12 months.

17. Sebastian Relitz, male, Ph.D. candidate at Friedrich-Schiller-Universitat, Jena, Germany. Research topic: Taiwan between Non-Recognition and International Integration - A Case Study of International Engagement of De Facto States. Research period: 9 months.

18. May-Britt Stumbaum, female, professor at Free University Berlin, Germany. Research topic: Non-Traditional Security Challenges by Taiwan and Asia Pacific countries in the Region and in Cooperation with the European Union. Research period: 10 months.

Czech Rublic

19. Oliver Weingarten(韋禮文), male, research fellow at Oriental Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences. Research topic: Courage in Ancient China. Research period: 3 months.


20. Akos Kopper, male, senior lecturer at ELTE University Budapest, Hungary. Research topic: Challenges for Small Countries - A Comparative Study Between Hungary and Taiwan. Research period: 4 months.

21. Lorant Andras Stohr, male, associate professor at University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest, Hungary. Research topic: Taiwanese Cinema and Tsai Ming-liang's Work. Research period: 3 months.


22. Rupakjyoti Borah, male, assistant professor at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University(PDPU),India. Research topic: India's Importance for Taiwan's Energy Security: A Critical Appraisal in the Light of India's “Look-East Policy” (1991-2010). Research period: 12 months.


23. Tonny Dian Effendi, male, research fellow at University of Muhammadiyah Malang, Indonesia. Research topic: The Roles of Diaspora Community in Indonesia-Taiwan Relations. Research period: 6 months.

24. Senia Febrica, female, research fellow at American Studies Center (Pusat Kajian Wilayah Amerika), Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta. Research topic: Taiwan Middle Power Diplomacy and Cooperation to Address Illegal Fishing in Southeast Asia. Research period: 3 months

25. Heru Susanto, male, Ph.D. candidate at School of Business and Economics, University of Brunei Darussalam. Research topic: Cultural Transferability and Change Management of Business Process Re-Engineering: The Success Story of Taiwan High-Tech Industry. Research period: 12 months.


26. Terence Gavin Duffy, male, professor at Champlain College, US. Research topic: Modern Taiwan-A Cultural Paradox. Research period: 12 months

27. Paul O'Shea, male, assistant professor at Aarhus University, Denmark. Research topic: The End of “Strategic Ambiguity”? The Implications of the US “Asia Pivot” for Cross-Strait Relations. Research period: 4 months


28. Mario Alejandro Riberi, male, associate professor at University of Hull, UK. Research topic: Chinese Investment in Latin America: Natural Resources and the Setting of New Trade Rules. Research period: 4 months.

29. Elisa Tamburo, female, Ph.D. candidate at School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, UK. Research topic: The Body on the Move: Movement, Ageing and the Ends of Life in Contemporary Taiwan. Research period: 12 months.

30. Claudia Zanardi, female, Ph.D. candidate at King's College London, UK. Research topic: China’s Approach towards Its Southern Maritime Boundaries through the Lenses of History & the Changing Place of Taiwan. Research period: 8 months.


31. Tatsuo Araki(荒木達雄), male, Ph.D. student at University of Tokyo, Japan. Research topic: 《水滸傳》成書過程考The Compilation of the ShuiHuChuan. Research period: 11 months.

32. Hiroshi Kakazu(嘉数啓), male, professor at Okinawa Institute of Asian Business Research, Japan. Research topic: A Growth Triangle (GT) Approach to Asian Regional Economic Integration: A Case Study of Taiwan-Okinawa-Kyushu GT.Research period: 4 months.

33. Teruhiro Minato(湊照宏), male, associate professor at日本大阪產業大學經濟學部Research topic: 美國援助與臺灣經濟 Research period: 9 months.

34. Narimi Sawada(佐和田成美), female, part-time lecturer at日本東京外國語大學Research topic: 關於臺灣基層社會的形成、發展過程中的「中間人」的作用及實態研究:以清朝統治下的「社商」、「通事」、「番割」為例 Research period: 3 months.

35. Mikio Shibata(柴田幹夫), male, associate professor at Niigata University,Japan. Research topic: 大谷光瑞在臺灣活動的総合考査與研究:以高雄「逍遙園」和西本願寺「臺灣開教」為中心Research period: 6 months.

36. Kunihiro Watanabe(渡邊邦博), male, professor at Naragakuen University, Japan. Research topic: Institutionalization of Western learning to the oriental Areas, es. Political Economy in Taiwan. Research period: 4 months.


37. Sehyun Cho(曹世鉉), male, professor at韓國國立釜慶大學校人文社會科學大學史學科 Research topic: Taiwan's Marine Ideology and Marine Policy- From the Marine Historical Perspective. Research period: 4 months.

38. Seokwon Chung(鄭錫元), male, professor at國立漢陽大學中國學科 Research topic: 臺灣新竹地區傳統喪葬禮研究 Research period: 12 months.

39. Yejoo Kim, female, post-doctoral research at Centre for Chinese Studies, Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Research topic: Taiwanese Investment in Swaziland and the Implications for Development. Research period: 12 months.

40. Yongwook Ryu(柳墉昱), male, research fellow at Australian National University. Research topic: Trading with China: Strategic Implications of ECFA and RCEP. Research period: 9 months.

41. Jaeyoun Won(元載淵), male, associate professor at Yonsei University, Korea. Research topic: Toward Transnational Citizenship in East Asia: Taiwan, South Korea and China. Research period: 3 months.


42. Xing-Liang Chng(莊興亮), male, Ph.D. candidate at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, PRC. Research topic: A Study of Lingnan Intellectual Trends and Their Practicalities during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries. Research period: 3 months.

43. Ying-Ruo Show(蘇芸若), female, Ph.D. candidate at新加坡國立大學Research topic: Gendered Narratives as in Religious Texts: The Depiction of Female Deities in Sectarian Scripture Baojuan ( Precious Scrolls) genre, A Case Study on the Collection of Baojuan in Taiwan. Research period: 5 months.

44. Kai Wah Hen(禤祈華), male, assistant professor at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia. Research topic: Science, Technology and Innovation Collaborations between Taiwanese and Malaysian Universities. Research period: 6 months.

45. Chee-Wah Kuan(關志華) ,male, Ph.D. student at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia. Research topic: Contextualizing the”Soft Power” of Taiwan and Its Influence on Chinese Malaysian Cinema. Research period: 9 months.

46. Or Kan Soh(蘇湖港), male, assistant professor at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Research topic: Developing A Model of Augmented Reality-Based Learning Materials (ARLeM) for ESL & EFL Writing Course and Investigating Its Impact on Malaysian and Taiwanese University Students. Research period: 12 months.

47. Kui Ming Tiong, female, Ph.D. candidate at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia. Research topic: The Rise of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC): Challenges and Opportunities for Taiwan. Research period: 4 months.


48. Eduardo Eugenio Roldan Acosta, male, professor at UNAM, National Autonomous University of Mexico. Research topic: Taiwan and Continental China in Africa and Latin America. Research period: 12 months.

49. Alejandro Carlos Uscanga Prieto, male, professor at National Autonomous University of Mexico. Research topic: Taiwan’s International Cooperation in Latin America: Strategies and Actions. Research period: 4 months.


50. Taamaa Chimeddamba(其 塔瑪), female, professor at School of Science and Arts National University of Mongolia. Research topic: Xia, Shang, Western Zhou Dynasties' Research of Culture and the Development of Science and Technology. Research period: 12 months.

51. Delgerjargal Purevsuren, male, associate professor at National University of Mongolia. Research topic: Early Inner Asian Nomads in Chinese Sources: Perceptions and Images. Research period: 10 months.

New Zealand

52. Robert Brears, male, associate research fellow. Research topic: Urban Water Security in Taiwan: Lessons for the Asia-Pacific Region. Research period: 10 months.


53. Magdalena Kachniewska (康宇晞), female, associate professor at Warsaw School of Economics. Research topic: Aboriginal Tourism Clusters Development in Taiwan: Economic and Cultural Foundations vs European Experience. Research period: 3 months.

54. Tomasz Legiedz, male, assistant professor at University of Lodz, Poland. Research topic: Institutional Obstacles for the Economic Development of the People's Republic of China in the Context of Democratic Reforms in Poland and Taiwan. Research period: 3 months.

55. Jakub Piasecki(謝佳倫), male, research fellow at Carlos Roloff Institute, Poland. Research topic: More Than Friends: Upgrading the EU-Taiwan Friendship Group to Strengthen ROC's Ties with the European Union. Research period: 12 months.

56. Robert Rajczyk, male, assistance professor at University of Silesia, Poland. Research topic: World's Impact of Taiwanese Media System. Research period: 4 months.

57. Agata Ziętek, female, assistance professor at Political Science Faculty, Internationale Relations Department, Marie Curie Sklodowska University, Poland. Research topic: South China Sea-The Place of Rivalry and Power Management. Research period: 4 months.


58. Helena Lopes, female, Ph.D. student at University of Oxford, UK. Research topic: Sino-Portuguese Relations during China's War of Resistance (1937-1945). Research period: 5 months.


59. Ramazan Daurov, male, associate professor at Institute of Oriental studies, Russian Academy of Science. Research topic: New Silk Road: Opportunities for the Future. Research period: 4 months.

60. Alexey Semenov, male, Ph.D. student at Institute of Far Eastern Studies Russian Academy of Sciences (IFES RAS), Russia. Research topic: Development of Democratic Processes in the PRC: Elements of Taiwanese Experience. Research period: 12 months.


61. Chia, Meng Tat(謝明達), male, Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University, US. Research topic: Diasporic Dharma: Buddhism and Modernity across the South China Sea. Research period: 10 months.


62. Matjaž Vidmar(魏馬江), male, Ph.D. candidate at Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Research topic: Comparative Study of Confucian Values in Chinese 6th Generation Films and in Taiwanese New Cinema. Research period: 8 months.


63. Daniel Garcia Gonzalez(丹倪), male, Ph.D. candidate at Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. Research topic: TV Told through the Cinema
Analysis of the Story that Fictional Cinema Tells about Television (Asian Case Study). Research period: 9 months.

64. Alfonso Martinez Arranz(馬勇), male, post-doctoral research at Monash University, Australia. Research topic: Transition Pathways to Sustainability: the Role of Politics and Society in Transforming Taiwan's Energy Supply. Research period: 12 months.

65. Luisa Sanmiguel, female, Ph.D. candidate at Universitat de Valencia, Spain. Research topic: The Eco-Sustainable Architecture in Taichung and Environmental Art Projects in Taiwan. Research period: 12 months.


66. Pascal Abb(艾沛思), male, research fellow at GIGA Institute for Asian Studies, Germany. Research topic: The Public Relations of Chinese Foreign Policy Think Tanks. Research period: 10 months.


67. Mehmet Arican, male, associate professor at Ankara Strategy Institute, Turkey. Research topic: Reforming Taiwan's Criminal Justice System: Lessons for Turkey. Research period: 12 months.

68. Mehmet Fazil Ozkul, male, post-doctoral research at Competition Authority, Turkey. Research topic: The Role Of Product Networks and Value Chains in the China and Other Asian Countries' Development. Research period: 3 months.

69. Sezen Seriye, female, professor at Public Administration Institute for Turkey and the Middle East. Research topic: Taiwan Public Administration System and Development Policies. Research period: 4 months.

United Kingdom

70. Joe Burton, male, assistant professor at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Research topic: Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Research period: 4 months.

71. Jenping Chiu(邱任丙), male, post-doctoral research at School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Research topic: China and Taiwan: Case Study of the Effectiveness of Chinese Governmental Preferential Policies on Taiwanese Investment in China after the 1990s. Research period: 11 months.

72. Nian-tzu Cockel(程念慈), female, assistant professor at School of Languages and Area Studies, University of Portsmouth, UK. Research topic: Unrealised Glory of the Nation: Chiang Kai-shek’s Aborted War Planning of Reconquering Mainland China. Research period: 4 months.

73. Edmund Frettingham, male, assistant professor at Leiden University, Netherlands. Research topic: Security and Economic Integration in Taiwan. Research period: 3 months.

74. Kit Hammonds, male, senior lecturer at Royal College of Art, UK. Research topic: The Constitution of Independent Art Spaces in Taiwan. Research period: 6 months.

75. Alison Hardie(夏麗森), female, associate professor at University of Leeds (White Rose East Asia Centre),UK. Research topic: The Theatre of Politics and Current Affairs in the Ming-Qing Transition. Research period: 12 months.

76. Douglas McNaught(麥震雲), male, Ph.D. candidate at School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, UK. Research topic: An Investigation Into the Morphosyntax of Tense-Aspect and Modality in Sakizaya: An Indigenous Language of Taiwan. Research period: 5 months.

77. John Sproule, male, associate professor at University of Edinburgh, Scottland. Research topic: Physical Education in Taiwan, When Students Take Control: Investigating the Impact of Teaching Athletics Using a Mastery Approach on Self-Regulated Processes and Related Motivations in Taiwanese Physical Education Students. Research period: 4 months.

United States of America

78. Tonio Andrade(歐陽泰), male, professor at Emory University, US. Research topic: Early Taiwan History in Comparative Perspective:
Sino-European Cooperation in East and Southeast Asia, 1500-1750. Research period: 7 months.

79. Salvatore Babones, male, associate professor at University of Sydney, Australia. Research topic: Emerging Market Societies-Focus on Greater China. Research period: 6 months.

80. Darryl Erwin Brock, male, assistant professor at University of Bridgeport, US. Research topic: Taiwan's Diplomacy and Foreign Aid to Latin American Nations: An Assessment of Presidents Chen's and Ma's Differential Strategies. Research period: 5 months.

81. Allen Carlson, male, associate professor at Cornell University, US. Research topic: Creating a Greater China? : Transnational Public Intellectuals and the Making of Chinese National Identity. Research period: 4 months.

82. Hui-Ching Chang, female, associate professor at University of Illinois at Chicago, US. Research topic: Performing Taiwanese Identities in the New Age: Lessons from the Sunflower Movement. Research period: 3 months.

83. Peter Chow, male, professor at The City College and Graduate Center, CUNY, US. Research topic: TPP as the Key for Taiwan to Cope with Asian Regionalism. Research period: 4 months.

84. David Elstein(杜楷廷), male, associate professor at State University of New York, New Paltz, US. Research topic: Contemporary Confucian Philosophy. Research period: 6 months.

85. Nathan Faries, male, associate professor at University of Dubuque, US. Research topic: Su Xuelin: Developing China’s National Identity through Fiction, Folklore, and Faith. Research period: 4 months.

86. Steve Hess, male, assistant professor at University of Bridgeport, US. Research topic: State Centralization, Patterns of Contention and Democratization: A Comparison of Contemporary China (1989-present) and Pre-Transition Taiwan (1979-87). Research period: 4 months.

87. Jeffrey Hou, male, professor at University of Washington. Research topic: Beyond Memories: Protecting Cultural Heritage and Living Communities in Taipei. Research period: 6 months.

88. Justina Hwang, female, Ph.D. candidate at Brown University, US. Research topic: Cold War Courtships: Authoritarian Anti-Communism, Developmental Diplomacy, and Chinese Communities in Latin America and the Republic of China, 1960-1975. Research period: 12 months.

89. Andrew Ippoliti, male, assistant professor at Temple University - Tyler School of Art, US. Research topic: The Evolution of Vernacular Symbols in Blue and White Porcelain. Research period: 8 months.

90. Aaron Kingsbury, male, assistant professor at Mayville State University. Research topic: The Construction of Quality: Comparing Branding in the Emerging Wine Industrial Clusters of Changhua County, Taiwan and the Kofu Basin, Japan. Research period: 4 months.

91. Elilzabeth Larus, female, professor at University of Mary Washington, US. Research topic: Assessing the US Pivot to Asia: Implications for US-China-Taiwan Trilateral Relations and Taiwan’s Strategic Choices. Research period: 5 months.

92. Alan August Lew, male, professor at Northern Arizona University. Research topic: Modeling Sustainable Development and Resilience Planning in Rural Taiwan and Malaysia. Research period: 3 months.

93. Chenyang Li(李晨陽), male, associate professor at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Research topic: Confucianism in a Democratic Age. Research period: 5 months.

94. Yinxing Liu(劉蔭惺), female, post-doctoral at Yale University, US. Research topic: Inter-medium perspectives: Long Chin-san and Chang D'ai-ch'ien's Artistic Friendship and Collaboration. Research period: 3 months.

95. Paul Midford, male, professor at Norwegian University for Science and Technology (NTNU), US. Research topic: Perceptions of Japan in Taiwan. Research period: 3 months.

96. Kwai Hang Ng(吳貴亨), male, associate professor at University of California, San Diego, US. Research topic: Judicial Mediation in China and Taiwan. Research period: 12 months.

97. Meredith Oyen(歐陽梅), female, assistant professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Research topic: Broken Jade: Taiwan in U.S.-Chinese Relations in the Cold War, 1949-1996. Research period: 8 months.

98. Grant Rhode, male, research fellow at Boston University. Research topic: Taiwan's Approach to Maritime Disputes in the East China Sea with Implications for the South China Sea. Research period: 4 months.

99. Brigid Vance(范莉潔), female, assistant professor at Colorado State University-Pueblo, US. Research topic: Dreaming in Chinese. Research period: 4 months.

100. Aida Wong, female(阮圓), assistant professor at Brandeis University, US. Research topic: Painting Beyond the Brush:
Contemporary Ink Art and the School of Liu Guosong in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Research period: 7 months.

101. Sheng-Ping Yang(楊勝評),male, associate professor at Gustavus Adolphus College, US. Research topic: Currency Value and Stock Market Interactions in a Small Open Economy: Evidence from Taiwan. Research period: 6 months.


102. Shoirakhon Nurdinova, female, Ph.D. candidate at Tashkent State Technical University, Uzbekistan. Research topic: Gender Aspects of Human Development: in Case of Taiwan and Uzbekistan. Research period: 7 months.


103. Duy Dat Dao(陶維達), male, associate research fellow at越南社會科學翰林院中國研究所. Research topic: 1947-1987年臺灣自由化、民主化改革進程. Research period: 6 months.

104. Ngoc Nhu Truc Lam, female, Ph.D. student at Ba Ria - Vung Tau University, Vietnam. Research topic: Taiwan's Geostrategic Position in the Relationship between China and the United States. Research period: 4 months.