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Taiwan Fellowship


Taiwan Fellowship

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*  Presentations of MOFA Taiwan Fellowship Scholars (2016 Third Term)

Time: Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Venue: Briefing Room 129, National Central Library, R.O.C. (Taiwan)

11:40-12:10 Registration
12:10-12:20 Opening Remarks:
Mr. Vincent Jing-Yen Liu, Deputy Director General, Department of Policy Planning, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R.O.C.(Taiwan)

Topic: The Lessons to be Learnt from Taiwan’s Implementation of its NHI Smart Card
Speaker: Dr. Valerie Junod, Professor, University of Lausanne and University of Geneva, Switzerland

Topic: Beijing’s New Economic Initiatives and Taipei’s Options Through the Lens in Washington
Speaker: Dr. William Cheng, Associate Professor, Troy University, US

Topic: Taiwan's Pursuit of Free Trade Agreements - A Misplaced Priority?
Speaker: Dr. Michael Reilly, Senior Fellow, China Policy Institute, Nottingham University, UK

Topic: Quo Vadis TPP? And How We Can Save It
Speaker: Dr. Chan-Mo Chung, Professor, Inha University, Korea

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